QDE-ABM5 is a plug-in-type contactless reader/writer which supports various kinds of contactless cards such as ISO 14443 A/B, Mifare, FeliCa, NFC.
(QDE-ABCM supports a built-in antenna, other features are same as ABM5)
Both include built-in USB controller based on ARM7 processor and also provide some I/O Ports to control external LEDs, SAMs and contact smart card interface. Those modules provide a useful SDK which includes test program, sample source code, protocol specification and API manuals. These are simple & easy solution for adding the smart card interface in the existing system because it’s USB and TTL interface for connecting to a PC or any other host system.

sector software driver supportive O/S
Default Proprietary DualCard(ALL) DUALi Driver Microsoft XP, Vista, Win7

Specifications can be ordered free here, just as SDK (test-software).

request specification

Configuration example



Build-in module QDE-ABM5

RFID-plug-in module, QDE-ABM5


- Full Support of ISO 14443 Part 1 ~ Part 4
- Support Highter Speed of ISO14443 up to 848Kbps
- Supports PC/SC Version Proprietary Version
- Firmware Downloadable Function
- Multi interface PC/SC drivers for contactless and   contact 
- Use Philips chip for MIFARE and FeliCa Protocol

- Default 1SAM and Maximum 5 Smart Cart Interface
- SDK Available with Sample Application
- CE, FCC Ready and RoHS compliant



CPU ARM 32-bit Cortex-M3(48MHz)
Host Communication USB 2.0 vorhanden
Host Communication RS 232 vorhanden
Host Communication TTL-Async Sonderanfertigung
Host Protocol PC/SC (USB) vorhanden
Host Protocol Proprietary (USB) vorhanden
Host Protocol Proprietary (RS232) vorhanden
 ISO14443 type A/B vorhanden
 ISO18092 (NFC) vorhanden
Mifare® vorhanden
DESFireŽ vorhanden
FeliCa™ vorhanden
ISO7816 vorhanden
Input Power DC 5V, 200mA (USB Power)
SAM Interface default 1 EA
SAM Interface option 4EA (Sonderanfertigung)
Program Memory 128 KBytes Flash
Data Memory 20 KBytes SRAM
Card Speed 106 / 212 / 424 / 848 Kbps vorhanden
Antenna internal 4EA (Sonderanfertigung)
Dimension (mm) 32 x 26 x 8.5
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
Certifications RoHS compliant
Reading Distance Up to 4 cm