cleaning set for card reader

General Information
Magnetic heads, optical sensors, and chip contacts in card reader, have to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and other enviromental contaminates, to prevent reading and coding mistakes. More than 80 % of all malfunctions are based on dirt. The cleaning card was developed especially for the cleaning of card readers and coders, and provides for maintenance without opening the device. The liquid is adjusted exactly for the devices. Abrasive free and environmentally friendly.
  • Unpack the cleaning card.
  • Moisten the card with the enclosed cleaning spray, leaving dry a 1 cm  border along the top edge of the card, in order that you can firmly hold the card.
  • Put the card into the device, and clean magnetic head card support bracket,  optical sensors, and contact station, in one working movement, by a  backward and forward motion.
  • Once a week in recommended. The card can be disposed of with the normal waste
  • 20 Cleaning cards dry
  • 50 ml Cleaning spray

cleaning set for
card Reader


Cleaning set for card reader